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This site was created in order to support and contribute to the great Teachers’ Strike in Greece. This fight concerns us all. It concerns the students, their parents, the students and the entire society because it is a fight for the right to the education and work. It concerns all workers and the youth who are being supressed by the barbarous politics imposed by the Memorandum, this autocratic government and the Troika (European Union- International Monetary fund-European Central Bank) .
It is a fight that can overthrow this austerity policy and break actively this contemporary Junta’s autocracy which orders the civill mobilization*of those fighting for their rights.
It will host texts, initiatives, decisions, it will share information and facts that are being cloaked and garbled by the government’s propaganda media and it will publish various analysis. Moreover it points into becoming a portal of information and communication with the rest of the world.
Lets take our lives, the fight as well as the information in our hands. Whoever wishes to contribute in this initiative, can send texts, photos, decisions, actions as well as your availability for help at


*Civil Mobilization” is an authoritarian special legislation which gives government authorities the right to commandeer services, vehicles and equipment in order to deal with national emergencies, such as wars or natural disasters. Any person receiving a “political mobilization” order has to immediately comply, or face prison and losing his work.

Greek govt threatens to arrest teachers over strike

Athens has threatened to arrest high school teachers if they carry out a strike this week, in a move seen as reassurance to Greece’s foreign bailout creditors that the country will not abandon its harsh austerity measures and unpopular reforms. … Continue reading

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We are all teachers!

ReINFORM The government’s attack on the rights and needs of the working people is targeting education. Students and teachers are sacrificed in order to repay the bankers and creditors and protect business profits. The wretched tripartite government and the Troika … Continue reading

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The Greek government denies secondary education teachers the right to strike. Greek teachers need all the solidarity they can get!

Panagiotis Sotiris [1]  In the past three years Greek society has not only gone through a series of extremely aggressive austerity measures, under the terms dictated by the EU-IMF-ECB Troika that have led to a severe deterioration of living conditions. It … Continue reading

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